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What's the Buzz Embellishment Kit

What's the Buzz Embellishment Kit

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We’ve gathered all the darling details for your What’s the Buzz project! Create your keychain and lip balm holder with brass keychain hardware, jump rings, a mustard tassel with bead, and Embroidery Leather in camel and white colors.

Items Included:

  • 1 – Brass keychain hardware set
  • 1 – Mustard tassel with bead
  • 1 – 5×5″ piece of KDKB1271 Camel Leather
  • 2 – 3×4.5″ piece of KDKB1245 White Leather
  • 3 – Brass jump rings

In order to get this design, you must purchase all 12 months of Kimberbells Digital Dealer 2024. This can purchased HERE . Buying this listing does not get you the design; the design can not be purchased separately. It is only obtainable if you purchase the full 12 months.  

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