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Tucker's Digitizing Bootcamp!

Tucker's Digitizing Bootcamp!

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Are you ready to jump head first into Brother PE Design or Baby Lock Palette?! Well strap in and join Tucker for this summers Digitizing Bootcamp! 

Classes will be every Thursday in June from 10:30 am to 1 pm. It is highly recommended you attend all four classes and complete the homework from week 1, 2, and 3 to get the most out of this class.

Please note these classes are geared to those with Version 10 or 11 of the software. Call us today if you have a previous version and would like to upgrade! : ) 

Week 1: Introduction to PE-Design and Palette— We will review the basics of the program and touch base on what we'll cover in the next three weeks. At the end of this class, you will be assigned homework to bring in the following week. 

Week 2: Introduction to Auto-Digitizing— We will go over everything related to auto-digitizing and create an in-class sample design. Everyone will be sent home with an image. Your homework is to auto-digitize it at home and bring it in next week to show. 

Week 3: Introduction to Shapes and Lines, the beginning of Manual Digitizing—We will explore the wonderful world of shapes and lines! These are the stepping stones to digitizing your own designs. Like the week before, you will be given an image to manually digitize at home and bring in the following week. 

Week 4: Editing your designs - We will learn how to edit the designs we have created and do one more in-class project. 

You will need to bring the following to each class: 
  • Laptop with software installed on it 

  • Software dongle 

  • Blank USB 

  • Mouse 

  • Pencil or pen for note-taking

This is a software class; you will only need to bring your laptop to the store! We do encourage you to go home and stitch out what we have done in class, but it is not required : ) 

There is no discount available if you can not attend all four classes. Due to limited spots in the classroom, if you sign up and need to drop out, a refund will only be available until the end of April. After May 1st, no refund (partial or full) will be given if you can no longer attend the class. 

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