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Triumph 29 Foot Kit

Triumph 29 Foot Kit

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 Triumph Foot Kit Includes 29 Feet - You can further expand the Triumph’s creative capabilities with these 29 feet. From working with lace and elastic, to stitching curves and creating perfectly straight hems, this foot kit allows you to make all your sewing dreams a triumphant reality.

Kit includes:

  • Beading Foot
  • Belt Loop Binder 3/4”
  • Belt Loop Binder 1-1/2"
  • Blindhem Foot, Clear Foot
  • Cording Foot 5mm
  • Cover Chain Stitch Foot
  • Curving Foot
  • Double Fold Bias Binder 28mm
  • Double Fold Bias Binder 36mm
  • Elastic Foot, Fabric Guide
  • Knit/Woven Double Fold Bias Binder 8mm
  • Knit/Woven Double Fold Bias Binder 10mm
  • Knit/Woven Double Fold Bias Binder 15mm
  • Lace Applicator Foot, Open Toe Foot
  • Pintuck Foot, Piping/Cording Foot 5mm
  • Plain Hemmer 1/4”
  • Plain Hemmer 1/2”
  • Quilt Guide
  • Ruffling Foot
  • Single Downturn Feller 1/4”
  • Single Downturn Feller 5/8”
  • Single Downturn Feller 1”
  • Single Fold Bias Binder 28mm
  • Single Fold Bias Binder 40mm
  • Single Fold Bias Binder Knit/Woven 15mm
  • Teflon Foot
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