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Leabu Sewing Center

Sewing with Sarah- Beginners Welcomed!

Sewing with Sarah- Beginners Welcomed!

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Are you struggling to find inspiration and motivation for your sewing projects? Look no further than Sewing with Sarah! Together, we can reignite your passion for sewing. My hope is to inspire you to get started with these lecture demo classes. In class, I will teach you simple techniques that are quick and enjoyable and will also help you rediscover the joy of sewing. 

The class is free, but you must purchase the pattern to attend class in person or virtually.

The pattern costs $10.00 for local pickup or $12.00 for shipping. 

You can attend the class in person or virtually via Zoom. Don't let your sewing mojo fade—join Sewing with Sarah today!

The class will be 2 pm to 4 pm!

You do not have to come to all the classes; you can choose which class you want to participate in. 

Kits will be available if you would like to purchase them, and the cost will vary depending on the supplies we are still putting together the kits, so the kit prices will be updated as the kits are completed.

Please note if we are shipping pattern and kit, we will correct shipping price and refund you the difference. 

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