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Long Arm Part Accessories

Long Arm Part Accessories

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The following parts all go to our Long Arm Machines.  Please select which part you are interested in. Once parts are sold out, they can be special ordered. To do so email, call, or come visit us! 


This attachment allows you to maneuver through grooves and easily follow the quilt pattern boards used with the Crown Jewel, Jewel and Coronet longarm machines. Requires the Adapter Plate and Stylus Holder. Fits Models: BLCJ18-3, BLCJ18-2, BLCJ18, BLJ18.


 Glide Foot: 

Baby Lock Glide Foot Regalia Crown Jewel Coronet Tiara - The Baby Lock Glide Foot is a deep bowl-shaped foot that easily glides around appliqués, embroidery designs, rickrack, lace, embellishments or other dimensional elements on a quilt. The foot features radial lines from the needle for alignment. Your machine should already be fitted with the Baby Lock conversion kit (BLQ-HFK) that works with the interchangeable Baby Lock feet.


 Laser Light Stylus: 

The laser light (for use with pantographs) attaches to a mounting post with a clamp. The mounting post attaches to a threaded hole on the thread-path side of Baby Lock longarm machines. Fits Models: BLCJ18-3, BLCJ18-2, BLCJ18, BLJ18, BLCT16, BLTR16-3, BLTR16-2, BLTR16.


2" Quilt Clamps (Set of 2) 

Baby Lock 2 Inch Quilt Clamps - Manage the bulk of your quilt using these 2" Quilt Clamps to keep your quilt rolled up and out of the way. These are perfect for machine quilting on the Baby Lock Coronet Quilting Frame, Baby Lock Pearl Frame or even with your standard machine.


Channel Lock: 

 Baby Lock Jewel Channel Lock BLJ18 - The channel lock attaches onto the front wheel of the Jewel machine to enable the machine to make a continuous straight horizontal line. The purpose for the channel lock is to allow for easy stitching of horizontal straight lines across your quilt. Fits Jewel (BLJ18).


Open Toe Hopping Foot: *

With an open toe foot you will have a better view of each stitch. This foot will give you confidence while attempting more precise quilting techniques.

Fits Baby Lock Crown Jewel (BLCJ18), Jewel (BLJ18) and Tiara (BLTR16) Longarm Quilting Machines.


*Can not be reordered 

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