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Klasse 6PC Quilting Needle Variety Tin

Klasse 6PC Quilting Needle Variety Tin

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6pc Klasse Quilting Needle Variety Tin- Includes
(1) AA5106.075 Klasse Quilting 75/11, 6 needle cassette
(1) AA5106.090 Klasse Quilting 90/14, 6 needle cassette
(1) AA5106.T Klasse Titanium Quilting 80/12, 4 needle cassette
(1) AA5118.090 Klasse Topstitch 90/14, 6 needle cassette
(2) AA5105.080 Klasse Sharp 80/12, 6 needle cassette.

Also includes QR code to instructional video on when to change needles, how to change needles, uses of each needle, and more!

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