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Jumbo Hoop Guard™ for Lg Monster Hoops

Jumbo Hoop Guard™ for Lg Monster Hoops

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Jumbo Hoop Guard for Large Monster Hoops

An extra hand to keep excess fabric out of the embroidery field - for 6" x 10" hoops or larger.

Jumbo Hoop Guard easily snaps into position on any Monster Snap Hoop 6" x 10" or larger. For use on single needle machines. Its lightweight, stainless steel construction means it stays where you put it! 

  • No more hovering over the machine to make sure the fabric stays out of the embroidery field!
  • No more messy tape needed to tame hooped t-shirts!
  • Bags are a breeze with Jumbo Hoop Guard to wrangle unwieldy fabric!
  • Pillowcases are painless with Jumbo Hoop Guard!
  • Easily stitch quilts, large towels, blankets, and more! 

Easy to Attach
Snaps onto the top frame of any Monster or Snap Hoop 6" x 10" or larger for single needle machines

Protect Your Fabric
Holds excess or bulky fabric out of the embroidery field with minimal extra weight

Compatible with Snap Hoop and Monster Snap Hoop on single needle machines ONLY. One Hoop Guard is included per box. For hoops 6" x10" and larger. 

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