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Foil Heat Transfer Sheet

Foil Heat Transfer Sheet

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Foil is cut in house and is roughly 12" x 12" 

Includes 1 sheet of colored foil and 1 sheet of adhesive. 

To use:  Cut the design you want out of the adhesive, press onto project with iron or heat press, place foil sheet on top and press again, then remove foil sheet.  Use a pressing cloth when applying foil, do not have your iron/press directly touching the foil.

 Adhesive Application

Time:               3-5 seconds
Temperature:  300°F/149°C
Pressure:         Light (20 psi)
Peel:                Hot

 Foil Application

Time:                8-10 seconds
Temperature:   300°F/149°C
Pressure:         Firm (60-70 psi)
Peel:                Cold

Left over will be your design in nice shiny foil! 

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