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OESD Designs on Demand

OESD Designs on Demand

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OESD Designs on Demand! How does this work? 

Either bring in your own blank USB*, and we can load the designs on it for you, and/or have the designs put directly onto your OESD account! 

 *USB will be reformatted during this process so please make sure it is completely blank. 

If you preorder a design we will add it to your OESD account once it is released.

  • These Freestanding Buildable Spiderweb Doilies are frighteningly unique! Stitch is an elegant Halloween ensemble made of machine-embroidered lace. The creative possibilities are endless. Alone, each spiderweb is great for embellishing holiday decorations or combining any number of spiderwebs into coasters, placemats, table runners, and more! This versatile collection constructs especially spine-tingling October home decor! Learn how to use these Spiderweb Doilies to embellish some scarily easy Halloween decor!
  • Freestanding Terrifying Tower #12950 Coming in Late September
  • All Aglow Freestanding Christmas Tree #12954 Coming in October
  •  Shimmering Holiday Cards #12959 Coming in October
  • Free Standing Bats #12957 Coming in Late September 
  • Fall Mug Wraps #12958 Coming in Late September 
  • Winter Village Freestanding Lace #12951 Coming in Late October
  • Freestanding Mix & Match Ornaments #51328 Coming in November
  • Freestanding Jack-O-Lantern #12942 Available now



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