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DecoBob Prewound Bobbins 12ct

DecoBob Prewound Bobbins 12ct

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Woderfil's DecoBob Pre-wound Bobbins are great for types of sewing, embroidery, and thread painting. Each bobbin is tightly wound with an 80-weight cottonized polyester thread. Due to the uniform tension on each bobbin, you will achieve more regular and even stitches, giving your finished projects a more professionally finished look.

DecoBob plastic bobbins are reusable and free of glues and other adhesives to prevent build-up in the bobbin case and machine. Each pack of L Style DecoBob Prewound Bobbins comes 12 to a box and contains 110-yards of thread on each bobbin. 

  • Bobbin Class L Style
  • Bobbin Material-Plastic
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