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Famore Embroidery Scissor Kit *Preorder*

Famore Embroidery Scissor Kit *Preorder*

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Currently expected Mid-May


Pick between two dynamic color options of the Famore Embroidery Kit. This kit contains a comprehensive set designed to elevate your hand or machine embroidery:

  • Mini Duckbill Applique Scissors: Precision trimming made easy with a ½ inch duckbill, cut inside your hoop with ease.
  • Mini Double Curved Scissors: Navigate curves effortlessly with these double-curved scissors, perfect for intricate embroidery projects.
  • Straight Micro Tip Scissors: A versatile micro-tip precision scissors.
  • Micro Serrated Curved EZ Snip: Easily cut threads with confidence using these snips featuring a micro-serrated edge for a secure and precise cut each time.
  • Multi-Use Angled Precision Tweezers: Versatile tweezers with a fine angled tip, perfect for handling crystal, beads, threads and more.

Each tool in this kit is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of embroidery enthusiasts, ensuring exceptional quality and performance with every stitch.


*Floral kit includes the following items; 

Famore's Floral Pattern Sewing Kit, a charming set that combines functionality with style. This kit includes:

  • 8in Razor Edge Fabric Shears: Cut through fabrics effortlessly with these razor-sharp shears, designed for precision and durability in every cut.
  • 6"" Straight Trimming Scissors: Trim fabric edges with precision using these straight trimming scissors, perfect for trimming fabrics.
  • Surgical Style Seam Ripper: Seam rip with ease using this surgical-style seam ripper, complete with three replacement blades for long-lasting use.
  • Opposable Curved Tweezers: A twist on a traditional twezer. You squeeze to open this tool allowing you to thread needles with ease. You can grab and hold threads without applying contant pressure.


Orders containing a preorder will not ship until order is complete. 

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