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Charlottes Fusible Web Thread 115yds

Charlottes Fusible Web Thread 115yds

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40 wt. melting nylon thread. Designed for fusible applique

Charlotte's Fusible Web has been designed specifically for applique. Instead of using fusible web or stabilizer that goes stiff once fused to fabrics, fusible thread allows the appliqued piece to stay soft and supple. Charlotte’s Fusible Web will melt when exposed to temperatures = 250° F. Sew a single outlining stitch of the applique piece with fusible thread in the bobbin and MonoPoly on top, place the shape on the base fabric, iron, then finish with decorative stitching or invisible stitching to permanently secure the applique shape to the base fabric. Wind a bobbin with fusible thread. If exposed to the metal plate of a hot iron, fusible thread will melt and stick. This is why we recommend MonoPoly as the top thread and Charlotte's Fusible Web as the bobbin thread.

  • Color: White
  • Made of: Nylon
  • Recommended Use: Fusible applique
  • Thread Weight: 40wt
  • Length: 115yds
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