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BabyLock 17 Foot Kit with Bag

BabyLock 17 Foot Kit with Bag

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This collection of 17 feet will help you explore new techniques and expand your creative options.

Included in this kit is;

  • Convenient carrying case.
  • Walking foot
  • Teflon Zipper foot
  • Edge Joining Foot
  • 7-cording foot
  • Felling Foot
  • Hemmer Foot
  • Invisible Zipper Foot
  • Pearl & Piping Foot
  • 5-Groove Pintuck Foot
  • Roller Foot
  • Bi-Level Foot - Left
  • Bi-Level Foot - Right
  • Gathering foot
  • Double-cording Foot 4-6mm
  • Double-Cording Foot 7-8mm
  • Fringe Looping Foot
  • Ruffler Foot

This kit is aimed towards mid range machines such as the Jazz but can be used on most snap on feet Baby Lock/Brother machines.

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