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Brother Babylock

5 Foot embellishment kit for Brother abd Babylock machines

5 Foot embellishment kit for Brother abd Babylock machines

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Stitch in the Ditch Foot:

Designed for quilting and other projects that require stitching over an existing seam, this foot rides smoothly over the seam helping to ensure your stitching remains more perfectly aligned while you "stitch in the ditch." The long guide and wide opening on this foot allow for more accurate sewing and stitch placement.

Roller Foot:

Perfect for sewing on vinyl, velvet, suede and leather fabrics. The dual rollers on this 7mm snap-on foot help provide for more accurate and consistent sewing, as the rollers work in tandem with the machine feed dogs to pull the fabric through, for a more consistent fabric surface. This foot has a wide needle opening, allowing for a range of stitch widths.

Piping Foot:

This foot is designed for creating custom piping for home decor and other uses. The over-sized channels in this 7mm snap-on foot provide more accurate placement of piping, and the wide needle opening allows for a range of stitch widths.

Edge Joining Foot:

This genuine Brother accessory is perfect for precise and easy joining of fabrics, even sheers and difficult fabrics. Hold fabrics in place while leaving a space to allow open decorative stitches such as open weave stitches. Reference marks to increase accuracy. Foot can be used to line up and sew edgings such as lace to edges of other fabric. Centered blade enhances to follow the edge of the fabric.

Gathering Foot:

The gathering foot can be used for lightly shirring fabrics as well as attaching gathered edges to flat fabric. The gathered foot will gently ease or slightly gather fabric for various garment and home decorating applications.

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