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Leabu, Exquiste

Stitching in Style with SNL Thread Club

Stitching in Style with SNL Thread Club

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The thread set you have been waiting for!

This thread club will keep you stocked with thread that will coordinate with your Kimberbell projects in style. Once you have purchased the introductory bundle you will be eligibe to "refill" your kit at $3.00 per spool. In addition to the colors in the original bundle, there will be special colors available for you. With large Kimberbell releases, additional spools will be available for a limited time at that same discounted price if a specific spool is needed to stitch that project. We will also add new colors to coordinate with new basics & special collections as they are released.

We have named this:

Stitching in Style with SNL

The thread set is $99 and includes 34 spools of (Exquiste) thread and comes packaged in a drawstring organza bag.

INCLUDED THREAD COLORS: ES962 Silver Green, ES387 Bridesmaid Pink, ES101 Light Silver, ES1520 Antelope, ES944 Georgian Green, ES1619  Shy Green, ES950 Avacado, ES990 Verde Bright Green, ES402 Ice Blue, ES5554 Spa Blue, ES379 Powder Blue, ES409 Windjammer, ES5553 French Navy, ES348 Plum, ES1323 Orchid, ES302 Cotton, ES305 Petunia, ES333 Burgundy, ES503 Salmon Bisque, ES466 Peach Sherbet, ES520  Mandarin, ES107 Silver Moon, ES828 Pearl, ES812 Bone, ES878 Coffee, ES2526 Khaki, ES1716 London Fog, ES602 Wheat, ES609 Canary Yellow, ES700 Atom Red, ES187 Cherry, ES442 Pale Green, ES909 Montego Bay, ES825 Teal

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