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Anita Goodesign

Barn Quilts by Anita Goodesign

Barn Quilts by Anita Goodesign

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A barn quilt is a beautiful tradition that has spread to become a nationwide phenomenon. Just as we create quilts to reflect family stories, loved ones, and even hallmark special moments, barn quilts have been painted along the sides of barns for decades to tie together quilting communities. Quite simply, a barn quilt is a large piece of wood or metal, usually square in shape. This large square is painted in bright, eye-catching colors to illustrate a quilt block pattern and hung on display for passersby to notice. With so many beautiful quilting designs to be inspired by, we wanted to give you a set of stunning hand-drawn barns donning their own colorful quilt squares!

This embroidery collection has been made to work perfectly for all sorts of projects. Each embroidered barn will come in 3 size options, with the largest size containing an appliqué beneath the barn quilts and the smaller sizes entirely embroidered. These detailed designs are perfect for adding to seat cushions, pillows, framed as art, or even merged on to quilt blocks and paired with other quilting collections.


 Hoop sizes 6” x 10” to 9.5” x 14”

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